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Amp up your process

This short sentence is much more than our unique selling proposition. It represents our ambitions that we aim to fulfill. It is the guiding principle that we follow every day in developing our products and our services for you and for all our customers.

Power amplifiers by “Hubert“

The product range of our “Hubert” brand includes power amplifiers and other universally applicable components for purposes in the fields of research, development and industrial processes for which we ensure development and production precisely according to your requirements. Even if you only require one single device - we will produce a customized, reliable, and robust component for permanent operation under professional conditions just for you.
Many renowned customers have appreciated our products for years and use them in permanent operations test laboratories, supervisory authorities and in almost all fields of the electronics industry, and research facilities on a day-to-day basis.

The company behind the “Hubert" brand

Everything started in 1984. We founded Dr. Hubert GmbH as a sales company for electro-acoustic products. Then, in the mid-nineties, a range of completely new options presented themselves. We went through a reorientation phase and built up a department for development of EMC testing and measuring technology. Parallel to that, cooperation with Bochum University of Applied Sciences emerged and has continued up until today. Together with Bochum University of Applied Sciences we operate an EMC test lab as a joint venture.
Generally speaking, sustained and stable combination of science and commercial application is a decisive factor for our work. Therefore we have chosen the Technology Center Ruhr (TZR) as the location for our company. The TZR is directly surrounded by the Ruhr University and the university of applied sciences.
In our gallery you can get a brief insight of our work at our “High-Tech-Electronic-Manufactory“.

For us quality is a matter of trust

Uncompromising quality in addition to the performance of our products is for us the key to successful collaboration with you. And the basis for all that is consistent compliance with given standards and benchmarks in production. For this reason we have implemented a quality management system quite a while ago and since April 2008 we have been certified according to ISO9001:2008.

OEM - customized products and solutions

Even in our capacity as OEM we develop and produce specific solutions for our customers. For example, we have been working for world-leading companies operating in the fields of electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) as well as test and measuring engineering. 
In the most case we cater for highly complex test systems for EMC testing according to IEC, DIN EN, ISO and Automotive Standards, including the required application software. In addition, we provide a considerable range of system accessories and a large variety of coupling equipment. These customer-specific solutions are all completely developed and produced at our premises and we are capable of modifying production to your requirement even for single parts.
Regardless if you are interested in power amplifiers or other products of the “Hubert” brand or customized OEM developments, there is one thing we can tell you with reasonable certainty, with our products you will:

Amp up your process