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New Whitepaper released: HUBERT Power Amplifiers and the Load Dump

During the testing of electrical and electronic high-voltage components in motor vehicles, the robustness to the dynamics of the vehicle electrical system during a load dump is tested. Changes to the test voltage of up to 3000 V/ms are required.


This whitepaper presents examples of test setups and tests from the VW80300 automotive factory standard. The focus is on the presentation of the transient characteristics of the HUBERT 4-quadrant power amplifier. The required number and definition of the test cycles as well as the evaluation of the DUT are not part of the considerations. Due to their rather slow signal processing, classic DC power supplies are generally unable to achieve these slew rates.


A perfect task for the fast HUBERT 4-quadrant power amplifiers.


The whitepaper is free of charge and can be downloaded without registration:

WP-12 HUBERT Power Amplifiers and the Load Dump.pdf


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