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New Whitepaper released: HUBERT Power Amplifier and Voltage Ripple

The electric seat heater, the infotainment system and various other control units for the engine electronics are typical components in modern motor vehicles. The operational safety of these electrical and electronic components is tested according to various standards and factory norms, such as LV124, VDA 320, LV123 or VW80300.


A sinusoidal alternating voltage is also superimposed on the supply voltage of the vehicle electrical system to ensure that the test object is immune to interference from voltage ripple. Depending on the standard, the frequency ranges are between 10 Hz and 200 kHz with amplitudes of up to 32 Vpp. The classic DC power supplies are generally not suitable for this high requirement of fast signal processing.


A perfect task for the fast HUBERT 4-quadrant power amplifiers.


The whitepaper is free of charge and can be downloaded without registration:

WP-10 HUBERT Power Amplifiers and Electric System Voltage Ripple.pdf (694.1 KiB)


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