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HUBERT A 1110-16-PX Parallel Multiple - Amplifier Adapter

A 1110-40-PX

Adapter for Grouping our Precision Power Amplifiers

In order to connect up to four identical power amplifiers for a higher output current it is important that the amplifiers are loaded equally. The adapter achieves this by its symmetrical design and low-impedance load resistance for equal sharing of the load current.

All cables required to connect the amplifiers and an external load are included in the delivery. The cables are of equal length and have the exact same electrical paramters (inductance and capacitance per unit length).

Product Variants

Adapter A 1110-40-P2 for two identical amplifiers of product family A 1110-40
Adapter A 1110-40-P3 for three identical amplifiers of product family A 1110-40
Adapter A 1110-40-P4 for four identical amplifiers of product family A 1110-40